The History of Model Art and Miniature Art

The term miniature basically means something of small size or reduced scale. This genre is so unique since one has to really pay attention on the details. Even if the details are too small to be seen, they cannot escape the prying eyes of many critics. Don Giulio Clovio was among the most exceptional miniature artists during his time. It was around 1550. He loved painting small things. However, it was in the 16th century when the term miniature was described as an art form. It was said by Sir Philip Sydney. Another person used the term miniature in France. It was used in the book Les Ouevres written by P. de Ronsard.

The succeeding artists were basically nonconformists. They tried to bring a unique dish on the table and did not follow the guidelines set by the society. Instead, they just worked on what they think was art and some others worked with other artists who understood their craft. However, some others tried to create art forms based on what the buying public had dictated.

In recent years, miniature artists have faced more challenges as the art form starts to fade. With the rise of rival art forms such as photography, less people are interested in miniature art. However, there are a lot of revival efforts in order to make this art appeal to a broader market. It is considered a formidable task given all the consequences, but many artists think it is possible. Those who have started their passion in creating miniature arts continued doing what they love and some others have succeeded in making more people appreciate what they do. The future of this art is quite bleak for now, but artists are hopeful that they can tickle the interest of more people through this art form.

Insuring Works of Art

History can attest on how even world-renowned artworks can be stolen even when kept in a museum, which is heavily secured. If this kind of threat is possible, then more artists are at risk since they only keep their artwork at home or in their studio. If you are one of these artists whose works are really of high value, you might want to consider insuring your art.

Types of Insurance

There are 2 types of art insurance to choose from. The first one is called Title Insurance. This is important to prove that the artwork belongs to you. This means that it was not stolen from someone. In the event of intellectual rights cases to be filed against you later on, you have a wall to protect you. Another type of insurance is called property insurance. This is the more common type of insurance that protects artists against thefts and burglars or property damage due to fire. When you artwork is stolen, you can claim certain amount of money.

The Unpopularity of Art Insurance

Aside from artists, those who love collecting artworks must also insure their collection. However, many people don’t do it. In fact, according to recent statistics, the amount of insured art is just around $1 billion. This means that there are a lot of other artworks out there that were not insured yet. These works are on the risk of being stolen and the owner gets nothing if they are lost.

However, many artwork owners or even artists don’t necessarily see the value of this insurance. They collect these items just because they love them. They don’t think about what happens if they will be lost. Besides, they have this wrong notion that no one will pay closer interest to these items.

If you wish to secure your artwork, whether you have personally made them or not, you need to be buy this insurance now. Rest assured, there are lots of premium packages available. This does not necessarily have to be expensive. Also, there are tons of insurance companies out there that can give you more affordable rates.

My Unique Bedroom Blind Designs

There are many ways to spruce up the ordinary look of your bedroom. One of the best ways is to buy blinds that will create a unique effect on your room. Take note that when you place a cover on your window, it will be very visible and it could potentially dictate the overall ambiance of your room. Here are some ideas that will help you make your bedroom look really unique and stunning:

  • Use bamboo blinds. These are made from refined bamboo sticks. Some blinds are coated with dark varnish for a more unique effect. Some others are left the way they are for a more natural appeal. The best part about using bamboo blinds is that not so many bedrooms have them. Therefore, when you invite someone over, you can easily wow this person. Besides, if you really want to make your bedroom feel more relaxing and villa-like, this is the best possible choice.
  • Go for printed roller blinds. These blinds were digitally printed based on the design that you wish to have. You can have your own photo or an image of your most favorite celebrity. You can also paint something and have it digitally printed as blinds. Of course, since it is customized, you have the assurance that it can’t be seen in any other bedroom. Though this costs a bit higher than regular blinds, they are definitely worth it especially if you are going for a more unique look.
  • Pair up classic white neon blinds with a colorful printed curtain. Though the blinds are not the ones that will create the effect that you desire to see, their combination with colorful curtains will surely make you achieve your goal. You just have to be careful not to overdo things as some curtains can be very overwhelming. Also, you have to match your curtains with other bedroom designs.

By using these unique blinds, there are a lot of things that you can do to your room. For sure, when you have put them on, you will be surprised with their ability to transform the overall look of your bedroom.

Why Making Models is Truly My Passion

The art of making models start during the early stages of development of a human life. As a young child, there is always the love of having that thing you yearn to have but you don’t have the ability to have it. From this yearning and imagining, the mind develops the ability to make an imitation of the original item or thing. This may progress up to older ages, where the ability to make the model may grow in you to become one of the largest designers, developers, innovators or even engineers. However this is not the case in all the people. Some may continue with the art of making models for the love of the models but not on the actual thing that is driving the art.

In my case I do not fall in the category of the big famous engineers or designers. I love the art. I can smoke some marijuana with my vaporizer and just get to work. My favorites are listed right here. Making models allows me to showcase my abilities and my thoughts. I love drawing cars and making their models. Other than getting the revenue from the sales of my drawings, I also earn from my already designed cars. However, earning revenue is not my driving force towards making my drawings. I really like seeing the world in a different way and always feel good showcasing a thought I have in form of an object. Similarly, describing how I would want the buildings to be built in my drawings is a great way of communicating to people.

I once sketched a car that looked funny as it had a huge solar panel at the top. At home where the car had to paced, that is in the garage, I drew a home that was being powered by huge wind turbines. This art really got much attention to the people though I did not know whether they understood the message that my arts were conveying. As I drew this art I had a message to speak to people. I knew they have had it millions of times in radios and in televisions. To make the message heavier, I came up with a simple art that could make my conservation message more appealing and more fun. Conservation of our environment was all that I had in my mind as I sketched the art. I wanted people to comprehend that it is fully possible for human activities to run without the need of some things like petrol that lead to increased amounts of greenhouse gases in to our atmosphere. The only green I do is my little green medicine.

Though I am currently working on the model of this art, there are those that got the message. As I think of how my model will look, my thoughts in mind is to deliver the same message, but now to the younger generation which will make tomorrow be. I get my ideas from nature and all the things that surround us and out of it I come up with my arts and their respective models. Seeing people understand a certain message in a drawing or in a model is what gives me the joy to continue doing my arts. I believe in giving the important information imagery as humans are visionary by nature.

Arts and Crafts of a Different Sort

As you all know- or can at least guess- by know, I take great joy in the complex world of model-making. There’s a great satisfaction in being able to create something from scratch, invest the hours of labor into it, and be dazzled by the final product. It’s the sort of joy that comes, I suppose, with any kind of ‘arty’ bent, that joy in the completion of your work, the creation of a [hopefully] elegant something where once there was nothing. It’s the satisfaction known only to true craftsman- and it’s easy to lose sight of how many of them lurk in hidden places.

A propensity to lurk in bars maybe a tiresome stereotype in our lovely nation, but you can’t deny that you can make a lot of friends and meet a lot of different people just by chatting to the guy next to you in the pub. I came across two of them, both casual laborers of the sort perfectly happy to uproot themselves- and families, where they have them- to careen to wherever the next job may take them. The world’s been a rough place recently. The global slowdown in economies has been far-reaching and rather too depressing to contemplate. Anyway, a misheard snatch of conversation [and a convivial pint] led me to get them going in conversation, and as it turns out, one of them was in the process of relocating to the world down under.

A difficult task, I’m told, at best, as the Australians are notoriously draconian on their regulations, and it’s difficult to get access to even as a tourist, let alone on a work permit [cast your eye here if you're in doubt], but apparently construction workers are in demand at the moment. It was tempting to compare my new found friends to my favorite hobby- what else is construction, after all, other than model making on a massive scale? The same concentration and attention to detail, the same joy of taking a jumble of parts and turning them into one beautiful structure, I may have had a touch too much to drink by this point, I confess.

Apparently a little thing called health and safety regulations, for one. While no one is particular concerned if I fire a shot of epoxy into my eye instead of onto the project I’m working on, construction workers are forced through a whole lot of work and safety training before they’re even allowed to don the hard hat. Australia’s necessary training program, needless to say, was more severe than most, requiring a white card of approval before the worker even sets foot in the country, there is more info on the training here, if you’re curious, it’s an intriguing read. Yes, I came home and goggled it. and this particular requirement was the source of the argument between my two new-fangled friends. Was it worth it, just for another job? Wouldn’t it be better to head somewhere less forceful in its regulations?

Well, call me unadventurous, but I can’t say I particularly see anything wrong with increased health and safety checks, can you? While I’m not exactly running to insert myself into line to get into the Antipodes, it’s good to know all the same that they’re on the ball when it comes to these things. I just wonder where my anti-regulation friend will be taking himself next (mainly to avoid setting foot in whatever it is he builds next.)

All in all, it’s probably safer to stay at home- which has the additional plus of leaving me more time to work on my next project, too.

5 Ways To Fund Your Next Model Art Project

Itching to start your next art project but don’t have the means to get the materials you need? Don’t let your artistic fire die since there are things that you can do fund your project. You may be surprised on the number of opportunities you have to earn extra like binary options, it is possible that you can get huge profits in no time. Sounds interesting? Visit this website.

Let me share with you five methods on how to do this.

Get a Second Job

This may be an obvious solution but still, some people don’t consider this as an option. If you still have free time after your regular work and you want it to be productive, apply for job number two. If you’re already working full time on another job, you don’t have to work another 8 hours for your second job as there are many jobs out there that can be done for two to four hours a day.

Be a Tutor

Aside from creating your own artwork, there’s another way to put your talent and skills into use. Teach kids on the basic of arts and get paid for it. Not only you get to share what you know, but you’ll also make money for your next art project.

Work Online

There are several online jobs that you can find on the web. Don’t worry if this is your first time to try it as there are many employers that don’t require past experiences. But since there are now several people who are looking for online jobs, patience and dedication is needed when searching and applying for online work.

Some of the online jobs that you can get are transcription, data entry, article writing, virtual assistance and customer support. You may also find surveys that pay and mystery shopping. There are lots of sites where you can apply for these jobs. However, make sure to apply only on reputable sites to ensure that you’ll get paid.

Sell Things You No Longer Need

When was the last time you did a general cleaning at home? You may not notice but your things may have already piled up throughout the years. There could be loads of stuffs that you no longer need that are just sitting there. Get the help of all family members and clean the whole house.

Set aside things that you no longer use that are still in good condition. These can be old books, clothes, bags, decors, etc. Have a garage sale to make money out of those items. Print advertisements in advance to let people know about your garage sale. You may also post the items online if you wish to reach out to more potential buyers.

Offer Your Service to Friends and Neighbors

If you don’t want to get a second job from other companies, another way to earn is by providing various services to your friends and neighbors. Offer to look after their kids, walk their pets, clean their house or do some errands. Busy individuals would find this helpful. Plus, you get to earn extra for your art project.

Earning extra cash may not be easy but it’s possible. You may also want to consider binary options trading to grow that cash. But then again, like any types of trading, there’s also a chance that you’ll lose. So weigh your options carefully before making a decision. Visit for more information.

Model Making Tips for Beginners

Model making has brought me a lot of joy throughout the years. It is very satisfying to see it through to the end; the finished products on the shelves are like trophies accumulated over time. The varieties you can make are endless. Whatever you find interesting in life, there is almost sure to be a model for it.

You can make planes, boats, cars, trains, tanks and many more! It recently struck me that not everyone is an expert on the subject. I thought I would take some time and share some of the tips that I have picked up along the way that help you on the road to becoming an expert yourself!

Models are becoming more and more difficult to fin in stores these days, so your best bet is going to look in a hobby shop or find them online. It can get quite expensive. I make good money in the medical insurance field and still feel a “crunch” when I pick up a few new models. It is worth it in the end though!

  • READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! ALL the way through BEFORE you start building. Then go through them step by step AS you build. There is nothing worse than thinking you will “just glue that piece now to save time later” and then realize there was a reason you were supposed to wait until later.
  • Find a well-ventilated area. You will be using things like spray paint and model cement. Also, be sure to put down a few layers of newspaper in case you spill any glue or have some over spray.
  • Spray paint FIRST! If you wait until after you assemble to paint the model it is going to come out looking like a child built it every time. There will undoubtedly be some small, tight spaces and it will be impossible to get it in there and look professionally done.

    You should be sure to hold the spray-can about 6 inches away from what you are painting for the best results. Test paint an area on some cardboard or something to make sure the color is exactly what you want and that it dries smooth.

    Be sure to paint any really small pieces with a brush while they are still attached to the plastic frame they come on. You can also fashion metal coat hangers to hold larger pieces up to be painted. These tips will help to prevent you from getting paint on your finger as well as fingerprints in your paint.

    If you end up really getting into it, you may want to consider buying an airbrush.

  • Before you glue – scrape off some of the painted (or chrome) area you are about to glue. I know you just spent a bunch of time painting all of these pieces, but if you skip this step, the paint will just peel later and then the glue will separate.
  • Take your time. Almost all mistakes are made when you try to rush. They are also the easiest to avoid. Just be sure you have enough time when you start. If you have to leave for work in 15 minutes, you’re better off just waiting until later to start.

Modeling can start with trains or cars, but can go on to get more and more complex the further you decide to delve into it. I have made models of landscapes and then taken forced perspective pictures of them that you would swear were real! The trees even had little trail cameras on them, because one of the models was of a popular hunting ground.

If you take advantage of these beginner tips, it won’t be long before you can get into more complex models of your own! The sky’s the limit!

Why Even Artists Need Funeral Insurance

Artists, being independent contractors and working on a project-to-project basis, often find it easy to ignore the need to obtain funeral insurance, which often leads to situations where the artist artist dies, his loved ones also bear the burden of paying for the funeral expenses. This becomes a problem when the artist was the sole breadwinner in the family or if he was not earning enough to leave a comfortable financial savings at the time of this death. This, among other reasons, is why funeral insurance is a must, even for artists.

Why Funeral Insurance

Managed Costs
Funeral insurance ensures that all funeral arrangements will be covered when death occurs. The family will not be burdened with the responsibility of funeral and burial costs, which are rising every year. Today, a typical funeral can set you back $4,000 to $6,000. This is a sizable financial obligation to leave to your loved ones, and something that can be remedied by taking out insurance. Most funeral policies allow artists to pay this sum in a span of 10 to 15 years using payment schemes that are convenient for the policy holder.

Assistance for Family Members
Deaths can often take loved ones by surprise and some may find it hard to facilitate funeral arrangements as they grieve. Funeral insurance policies not only provide for burial expenses such as caskets and tombstones, they also help with probate matters and other legal fees. Some companies even have an in-house counsel who assists loved ones through the process of settling the deceased’s estate, something that they would have otherwise had to pay for if their loved one did not have funeral insurance. An insurance policy can also be useful even if the policy holder is not the one who dies. There are life plans that allow for transferability, allowing the policy holder to use his policy to cover the funeral expenses of a loved one.

Peace of Mind
Funeral insurance gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your affairs will be cared for when you die, without placing a huge burden on your family. Artists who wish to make sure that their passing does not become a source of financial distress for their families can rest assured that they are not leaving their families with funeral debts.

Control Over Funeral Arrangements
Artists who want to tailor their funeral according to their specific wishes, from the type of music to be played to the venue of the funeral, can do all these with a funeral policy. Most funeral insurance companies allow policy holders to specify the details of their funeral arrangements for a truly personalized ceremony.

Death is a major event in anyone’s life, which is why ample preparation is a must. Artists, like any other group of people, need funeral insurance in order to make sure that any needs, from burial arrangements to probate and legal fees are attended to without placing too much burden on their loved ones. As if you need a reminder but keep in mind that even the very best artists, like Van Gogh, ended up penniless up until their death, and today funeral as many times more expensive than a 100 years ago!